Yoga Classes in Bangalore


It has become an extremely difficult task for people to live peacefully in the grueling environment of metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. While the primary motto of the life has become the financial success, we have left health, the road to all-around success far behind. Everybody is so busy going about their work lives that they rarely have the time to care about their fitness. Rishikul Yogshala welcomes you to its Yoga Center in Bangalore. Get a balanced mind and robust body through Yoga under the esteemed guidance of our yoga teachers..

About the program: The classes are organized daily keeping in mind the physical and mental well-being of the students. During the training, you learn how to maintain a calmness even during the scarcest of situations. Here are the major highlights of the program:

• Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Yoga and its enormous benefits to keep the body and mind fine-tuned.
• Know about the various Yoga Asanas and their daily practice in the studio.
• Knowledge of the advantages of practicing each asana with perfection.
• Breath Yoga (Pranayama) and its training to create a disease-free body and mind.
• Attain a concentrated mind with a regular practice of Meditation for ultimate relaxation.
• Lectures on the principles of Yoga to make them a part of the life for a better living.
• Betterment of the body postures and poses in order to attain a confident body language.
• The building of a stronger body that will help in fighting numerous diseases by way of Yoga.
• Knowledge of Ayurveda for a healthy dietary life.
• Talks on how to cope up with stress and anxiety through Yoga.
• Yoga with fun activities like Laughter Yoga.

About Rishikul Yogshala: Rishikul Yogshala is a notable Yoga Studio in Bangalore. The Yogshala aspires to make the country free from all the disorders and anxieties with the help of pranic force. Apart from Yoga Classes at the studio and Corporate Yoga, the Yoga school conducts various programs such as best yoga classes in Bangalore, meditation classes, ashtanga and hatha yoga classes in Bangalore etc.

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