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UNIUN Psychospiritual 5 Day Retreats

October 23 @ 12:00 am - October 28 @ 12:00 am

Welcome to UNIUN Retreats

Guided by a belief in the healing union of science and mysticism, UNIUN offers *psilocybin-assisted psychospiritual retreats that invite deep transformation. 

In our immersive retreats, we synthesize ancient, earth-based wisdom with modern insights, forming a unified vision of healing that nourishes the mind, the body, and the very essence of our being. At the heart of our mission is a celebration of the interconnectedness of all things: the dance between the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen.

We offer retreats located within decriminalized areas in the US, where participants embark on a journey of expanded states through the support of entheogenic mushrooms. Guided by experienced facilitators versed in the art of ceremony, psychotherapy, energy medicine, and bodywork, we create a safe and nurturing container for exploration and discovery.

Our Approach

At UNIUN, our approach to healing is psychospiritual, meaning we recognize the intricate interplay between psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. This approach integrates psychological insights with spiritual wisdom, fostering holistic healing that addresses the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

Why Psychospiritual?

A purely therapeutic approach often focuses solely on addressing psychological symptoms and distress, overlooking the deeper spiritual dimensions of human existence. Conversely, a purely spiritual approach may lack the practical tools and insights necessary for navigating psychological wounds and traumas.

By blending therapeutic techniques with spiritual practices, our approach offers a balanced and integrative path to healing. We provide the psychological support needed to navigate trauma and challenges, while also tapping into the profound wisdom and resilience of the human spirit, keeping it both grounded and luminous.

Our Ethos

We honor the beautiful truth that collective healing emerges from the intentional inner work of the individual. We are committed to centering the human heart, empowering each individual to embrace the natural unfolding process inherent in their life’s journey. We hold sacred the understanding that nobody heals anyone else; rather, we hold compassionate space and faith for each person to embark on their transformative journey.

Our ethos is anchored in cultivating a deep comfort with and trust in the Great Mystery. With reverence and humility, we navigate the liminal spaces of expanded states of consciousness, recognizing that within these states lie opportunities for profound healing and personal growth.

We embrace an integrative approach to supporting individuals navigating expanded states of consciousness, drawing inspiration from diverse traditions such as psychology, spiritism, animism, and mysticism. Through this synthesis, we create a rich tapestry of practices and insights to guide participants on their inner exploration.


All retreats include:

  • Individual and group preparation sessions prior to the retreat

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • 5 days/5 nights accommodation, including a private room with a private bathroom

  • Organic, nourishing meals prepared daily by chefs on site

  • 2 Psilocybin mushroom ceremonies guided by experienced practitioners

  • Daily practices including breathwork, restorative movement, and guided inner work

  • Group and individual integration sessions both during and following the retreat

We offer varied price points to allow you to choose what is most comfortable and feasible for you. Visit https://www.uniunretreats.com/retreats for pricing options and upcoming retreat locations.

*Our retreats take place in states where psilocybin has been decriminalized, and we operate in accordance with these new laws. We do not supply the medicine; instead, you purchase it from a reputable, lab-tested source also located in a decriminalized state. The medicine is then sent directly from this source to the retreat center. As both the procurement and use of the medicine occur within decriminalized jurisdictions, our retreats are not illegal.


October 23 @ 12:00 am
October 28 @ 12:00 am
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