Five reasons to host your religious retreats at the beginning of the year

It’s no easy task to find a space capable of hosting the kind of retreat you want, or that can ensure attendees will be well taken care of throughout their stay.

One of the most important decisions is finding a time of year that is suitable for your members or attendees. Below we’ll explore five reasons to consider hosting your religious retreat at the beginning of the year.

1. Beginning-of-year retreats make planning ahead easy

One major advantage of hosting a retreat at the beginning of the year is that it makes planning attendance a piece of cake. At the beginning of the year, people will have spent the holidays with family and friends, and are unlikely to have vacations or getaways planned.

2. You catch people while they’re still in holiday mode

man and woman holding one another and smilingOver the holidays, many people spend their time socializing with friends and family. This can loosen people up and segue nicely into a retreat, which are often social events. Since people have already been socializing throughout the holidays, they’re less likely to avoid going to the retreat out of awkwardness and more likely to see the retreat as a sort of extension of the “family and friends” atmosphere of the holidays.

3. Planning a retreat at the beginning of the year may make it more affordable

Often, cities swing into tourism season during the summer, which is when food and transportation become more expensive. Although the degree of seasonal price shifts vary by city, it’s likely that by planning a retreat at the beginning of the year, you’ll save some money.

4. Beginning-of-year retreats can be exceptionally inspirational

group of adults with arms around one another smilingTypically, the beginning of the year is when people reaffirm their commitment to certain goals — whether they’re career or lifestyle related. Hosting a retreat during this time gives you the opportunity to harness that commitment and inspire retreat-goers to chase their goals. Retreats give like-minded individuals a place to support each other.

5. Church retreats have special significance during the beginning of the year

Beginning-of-year retreats are typically held right after the winter holidays — a time of year that holds special significance for many. Holding a retreat during this time can allow attendees to explore their faith and recommit themselves to religious or spiritual values. For these reasons, beginning-of-year church or religious retreats can be particularly powerful experiences.

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