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ONLY available to our Premier and Partner clients who already have an active listing with us. This is an added fee to the retreat center listing’s fee. They receive the highest traffic.

retreat center

    • Image,excerpt and location
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    • Highest traffic
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  • Checks – Preferred method – We accept checks that are paid to FindtheDivine LLC
    Please note that our address has changed:
    FindtheDivine LLC
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  • PayPal – Using your credit card with paypal and pay FindtheDivine online.

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Payment and Refund Information: 

Ads are created and placed on the FindtheDivine website at therequest of our customers. After the initial subscription period, the client has the option to renew for a period of 12 months. Payments are made in advance.

There are no guarantees with respect to the success of a particular advertisement. If a client is dissatisfied, FindtheDivine will offer the client modifications to the ad and a free listing period to remedy any perception that they might have about their ad. Refunds are not normally an option since the client has approved the ad before payment to FindtheDivine.

If FindtheDivine ceases to conduct business for any reason, a refund will be made to client based upon the time an ad did not run.

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