Christian Life Center at St. Joseph Abbey, St Benedict, LA

Christian Life Center at St. Joseph Abbey, St Benedict, LA
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Phone: 985 892-3473
75376 RIVER RD, SAINT BENEDICT, LA, Louisiana (LA), USA (US) 70457

The retreat center has undergone nearly $4 million in renovations following a flood that devestitated the campus in 2016.

Saint Joseph Abbey is located on a 1,200-acre site four miles north of Covington, LA. At the Christian Life Center (CLC), the monks extend their hospitality to groups who seek the peace and solitude of a monastic setting to develop their spirituality. The surrounding grounds and pine forests offer opportunities for quiet and reflective leisure to each retreatant.

The Abbey CLC welcomes people of all faiths (18 years or older). Retreats have been hosted at the CLC for over 50 years, and we continue to offer Abbey-sponsored league retreats for Men, Women, Married Couples and Mixed Groups. The CLC is available to outside groups.

Following renovations in 2017, the CLC  is able to accommodate 60 retreatants in double occupancy rooms (30 single occupancy), each with a private bath. The CLC houses all guest rooms, chapel, library and dining room under one roof. All meals and linens are provided. You are welcome to join the monks in prayer in the Abbey Church.



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