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Massachusetts, United States, Massachusetts (MA), USA (US)

Cindy Barg is an intuitive licensed psychotherapist and a highly respected consultant, public speaker and author, whose expertise lies in the areas of, but is not limited to: Grief, Loss, Relationships, Self-Empowerment, Hope, Transitions and "Getting Beyond Life's Stuff."

In 1971, Cindy was told she would never walk again or be able to have children, after a devastating car accident. To date she has conducted over 500 workshops all over the country & abroad (China, Malaysia, India), while operating a private practice & offering spiritual retreats on Cape Cod & throughout the country.

She is most recognized for her unique & gifted approach to healing, where she attempts with humility & grace to teach clients to tap into their personal power, grasping & gathering the threads of their life, no matter how profoundly tragic or joyful their circumstances.

Through the lens of human reason, horrible things happen. Through the lens of universal understanding, horrendous things happen as a path to collectively stretch ourselves beyond our limitations, one person, one-light-bulb moment at a time. Initially, and maybe never, this is too much for my anyone to comprehend. What really would be the gift ? What gift could someone truly claim in their darkest hours?

Our reclamation into living again is our pain. When we allow ourselves to succumb to that pain, it allows us to also understand it. No matter how we may scream, or coil or beg God, or a higher power to take away our pain, no matter how unwilling or resistant we can be, hope ultimately becomes our savior. After the storm has passed, and the pain has softened, wisdom and tenderness often bloom in the garden of our hearts. And that is hope.

In order to have hope, we must embrace compassion. So,what is the practice of a being who has chosen compassion as a rule of life? We must take action. We need to consider the nature of self and scrupulously explore what suffering is. The human experience is based on exchange and connection. Suffering sears us and compassion transforms us. What is so fundamentally important is living a more centered way of living, a way that touches the very springs of our soul, regardless of what we will wake up to and face each day. There are tremendous gifts in the struggle and as difficult as that is to comprehend, the spirit of grief and pain is very wise. As we slowly peel away the layers of our projections, our sorrows, and undress our minds, compassion allows us to rekindle our spirits.

No matter how we walk on this path of life, no matter how variegated our human experience is, no matter how different, how excruciatingly agonizing, no matter how complicated, life, somehow goes on. Getting on with it, that is the hard part. Letting go and trusting can be even harder. Yet, the surrender of all of it brings a resplendent peace, even if it is for the moment. To have compassion is to have hope. To live is to have hope. We must not ever underestimate the importance of hope within our lives. Hope is what makes what seems impossible possible.

There is no reason to justify suffering of any kind. It merely comes with living as does hope. I have hope for the human spirit. I will never underestimate the power of it. And I want for all of you never to underestimate it. The greatest thing we have is life, and where there is life, there is always hope. As we all stand alone with ourselves, we can share the sunlight as much as we can share the rain. We can share the worst contradictions of life as much as we can share the splendor of them. In our worst nightmares, we can easily be enveloped by our losses and our pain. Yet, in our sweetest dreams, we are blessed by the gifts of them.

Join me as we journey together to embrace compassion and restore

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