Costa Rica Blue Zone Mountain Private Nature Retreat FSBO

Costa Rica Blue Zone Mountain Private Nature Retreat FSBO
Listing Information
Phone: +1 506 8994.4601
Meeting rooms: 4
Overnight Guest Capacity: 8
Environment: Forest
Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, Quebrada Grande de Carmona, Costa Rica (CR)

Refugio de Los Angeles is a privately owned 100 acre, Costa Rica mountain property available for sale by the owner.

Price: $875,000 USD - Cash deal no financing but will consider reasonable offer.

Location: Refugio de Los Angeles is located on the outskirts of the village of Quebrada Grande in the south central mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. Costa Rica enjoys one of the highest densities of biodiversity of any country in the world, and this property is perfectly situated to have access to much of that biodiversity.  Refugio de Los Angeles is nestled in a dry forest region with an elevation of approximately 800 meters, (2,624 ft.) providing cool, fresh air compared to sea level with Pacific views to the west portion of the farm.

The Land: For the past 25 years, the owner has successfully utilized perma-culture principles to restore the natural bio-diversity of this land from previous mono-culture practices. Emphasis has been on restoring the soil and cultivating a wide variety of plants and trees, especially edibles and medicinals. This in turn has attracted a proliferation of wildlife: birds, bees, butterflies, and mammals. Fruit trees provide oranges, lemons, varieties of bananas, tangerines, and grapefruits throughout the year. Avocados, mangoes, star fruit and other tropical delights are available seasonally. Medicinal plants and trees flourish year around in this natural habitat.

Spiritual Aspects: There is a special "sense of tranquility" that most people encounter upon visiting this property. The owner has enjoyed it to nurture her love of gardening, inviting friends and family to enjoy the miles of developed hiking trails, the walking labyrinth, medicinal beverages, garden to table meals, flora and fauna and pure tranquility.

Buildings & Development: Used by owner as home base, the main 3/1 bath cement block home was remodeled with an open floor plan, Japanese sliding doors and front/rear terraces. A small but efficient kitchen and a generous pantry room allows plenty of room for prepping and storing foods harvested from the many gardens. Later, a fully contained and well appointed guest house with kitchen, bath and living space was built within walking distance above the main house.  Additionally, a 1500 sq ft utility building has been upgraded with sinks, shower and bathroom facility, currently used for both storage and as a recreational room.  There are 8 to 10 lots facing the Pacific west coast prepared for development. Options could include: permanent glam tents, eco-housing or hotel. Electricity and water access is ready at the main road entrance.

Potential: It is time for new stewards of this land; the owner is looking to reduce her time spent in Costa Rica and prepare for the later stage of life. This very special property could be developed into a working retreat center around a wide variety of genres:

  • perma-culture farming
  • food forest development
  • private intentional community
  • Eco-tourism
  • Vacation rental
  • day-trip destination
  • a learning/training/spiritual retreat center

Appointment to View: Currently the owner is available to show the property during specific times of the year. Serious prospects will require a brief phone conversation to make an appointment. Next Available Viewing Dates 2018-2019: End of November, December and early to mid January 2019.  To get more details of all the property offers along with photos and videos created over the years, please visit --->


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