Earthwalk Ways Forest Therapy Institute and Retreat, Fredericksburg, VA

Earthwalk Ways Forest Therapy Institute and Retreat, Fredericksburg, VA
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Phone: 540-752-5540
913 Holly Corner Road, Fredericksburg, VA, USA, Virginia (VA), USA (US) 22406

Retreat Gift Certificates available for the Holidays! Give the Gift of Peace!

Holiday Gift Certificates. Give your loved one the Gift of Peace; Give a gift certificate for a custom retreat experience of one day or more cocooned in the heart of nature; learning the art of soul whispering; letting go of old burdens and learning to renew yourself.

Your Retreat Director Darlene Rollins has 25 years of experience and training in shamanic and spiritual self-development, working with spirit, healing and evolving consciousness. She is an ordained minister in a healing ministry for people and planet, called Gaiabriel. She is a fully certified Pathwork Helper and is dedicated to helping people who are undergoing spiritual emergence or are seeking deeper spiritual connection, Darlene helps us find a connection to our Trusted Source and helps us heal and free the pain bodies we are carrying within our stories.

Combining Soul Whispering and deep contact with Nature is a natural. Natural Communion Experiences, work with "the intelligence of the heart in the direct perception of nature," and the retreat provides many vehicles for nature immersion, including River Floats, Vision Quests, Sweat Lodges and Day Retreats. Using Nature as a gateway into Now and our own true Nature of Being, we deepen our capacity for rich satisfying pleasure and synergy in life.

Custom retreats are Individually tailored and can focus on where ever you find yourself in this moment. They are vehicles for a deeper intimacy with ourselves. What we discover is often revelatory. Retreats are very useful in supporting life transitions, spiritual emergence, and healing at the soul level. Stress Relief Retreats are another House Speciality,


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