Fresh Start Health Restoration and Lifestyle Transformation Retreat, Campbell River, BC

Fresh Start Health Restoration and Lifestyle Transformation Retreat, Campbell River, BC
Listing Information
Phone: 1-888-658-3324
Conference Venue Type: All
Environment: Ocean
Spiritual Orientation: All
Theme: Health
4384 South Island Highway, Campbell River, BC, Canada, British Columbia (BC), Canada (CAN) V9H 1E8

Whom do we help?

Since 2005 we’ve had tremendous success assisting those who are eager to get well and committed to the healing process. Whether you come with a bleeding GI, or been for 20 years on anti-depressants, if you are not ready to work and stick to the process, the Fresh Start would not be able to help you. But if you choose to follow the offered structure and solutions, and are realistic in your expectations, the Fresh Start will be happy to assist you in reaching your individual goals and improvements, be it obesity, depression or a food addiction.

How do we help?

Fresh Start team of 15+ natural health professionals will develop and guide you through an Individualized Healing Path™, based on thorough pre-program and upon arrival assessments. We developed for you custom healing tools: advanced whole body cleansing, organs regeneration protocols, emotional trauma release and healing, organ-specific cleansing and rebalancing, structural health treatments and many others.

Our Results

Sarah,Washington, D.C.

COPD,  Sleep Apnea, Walking Difficulties, Deep Sadness

Mark, ON, Canada

Diabetes, HBP,Weight Loss, Emotional Trauma


April, North Carolina, USA

Quit Smoking, Heartburn, Osteoporosis, Anxiety

What’s included?

  • Professional assessments, preparation of Individual Healing Path™ and guidance
  • One-on-one services and custom healing formulas, based on your Healing Path™, chosen from 40+ one-on-one treatments and 30+ custom protocols
  • Organic gourmet vegan meals, with approximately 80% raw food
  • Daily Healing Drinks and Formulas, focusing on digestive and hormonal systems rebuilding
  • Comprehensive Health, Healthy Lifestyle and Emotional Wellness Education
  • Yoga, fitness and meditation classes
  • Evening steam bath with cold water treatments and aromatherapy
  • Guided walks and excursions
  • Evening activities (Movie and game nights, body care and art classes)
  • Exclusive use of Ocean Front 2-story Health Retreat Centre and Spa
  • Small group environment and personalized attention
  • Advanced knowledge of working with people with various health conditions using natural methods
  • Rest periods and semi-flexible program structure with a moderate pace

Proximity to airport: 30 min from the Comox International

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