Ignatius House, Atlanta, GA

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6700 Riverside Drive Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Georgia (GA), USA (US) 30328

Experience a silent retreat and discover what matters most…

Whether you’re looking for a silent retreat, a spiritual retreat, a yoga retreat, a meditation retreat, a cancer retreat or a 12 step retreat, Ignatius House will provide a sacred place and an opportunity to encounter God.


Retreats at Ignatius House Retreat Center are based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. All Ignatius House retreats are silent, unless otherwise noted. They are directed by a certified spiritual director who provides a series of presentations designed to assist you with your meditation, reflection, and spiritual journey. The retreat offers opportunities for participation in liturgy, group prayer, and spiritual direction. Time in the schedule and physical settings of the retreat center offer one solitude, nature trails, reflection/prayer areas and numerous opportunities to be alone with yourself and God.

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