Nebraska Zen Center Heartland Temple, Omaha, NE

Nebraska Zen Center  Heartland Temple, Omaha, NE
Listing Information
3625 Lafayette Ave, Omaha, NE, Nebraska (NE), USA (US) 68131

We are a Zen practice community dedicated to ​discerning all things in view of enlightenment and putting such a unitive awareness into practice in the midst of the revaluated world. Everyone interested in living a life of meaning and inquiry is welcome at NZC, regardless of ethnicity, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or history at NZC.

What We Do: Wholehearted Training, Engaged Living​:

“Wholehearted Training”  is about zazen (Zen meditation) and study. We offer daily zazen, frequent intensive retreats (sesshin), and dharma study, especially of Zen Master Dogen’s works, but also the work of other Zen teachers, and essential sutras for Zen training. Click here.

“Engaged Living” suggests the “so what?” test. If our practice isn’t making a difference in our daily life and the world, so what? Life in the swirl of the world is the buddha field for actualizing this incredible dharma. ​

​Our purpose is to establish a dynamic community with a culture of inquiry, training and transmitting the Soto Zen of Katagiri Roshi and James Myoun Ford Roshi.


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