The Christine Center, Willard, WI

The Christine Center, Willard, WI
Listing Information
Phone: (715) 267-7507
Meeting Space Capacity: 150
Overnight Guest Capacity: 40
Willard, WI, Wisconsin (WI), USA (US)

The Christine Center, Willard, Wisconsin, is an interfaith Center rooted in the Catholic mystical tradition and founded by the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters. Our vision is to facilitate a way of life that fosters an awareness of a deeper inner reality, leading to oneness with all of creation. The call to provide a supportive environment conducive to nourishing the spiritual essence within each individual is our joy and delight.

Organizations, individuals, groups, teachers, and students are invited to share the energy of this sacred space. Individual retreats, group retreats, seminars, sabbatical opportunities, and a spiritual lifestyle program are available. Day meetings or overnight gatherings of hospital, church, educational and management groups are also welcome.

Seminars and retreats on transformational change and inner development based on the Ageless Wisdom of East and West are offered. Additional services such as spiritual guidance, bodywork, and recreational activities supplement your opportunities for reflection and relaxation. A supportive, natural environment provides an ambience for contemplative practice, creativity, and nurturing the spirit within.

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For more than 25 years the Center has been dedicated to Individual and Global Spiritual Transformation. It is a retreat center in the tradition of mystical spirituality and meditation / contemplation, embracing the diversity and essential unity of all spiritual traditions.
The Center is situated in a tranquil forest setting with guest house, hermitages (small cabins), and camping on 120 secluded acres. For more than 20 years the Center has served the spiritual needs of thousands of people from all over the world.

Hermitages (small cabins) are located throughout the forest with nature right outside your window. All have electricity and range in size to accommodate one to five persons. The more modern have gas or electric heat; the simple hermitages have either gas or wood stoves for heating.

The Christine Center is an ideal environment for conferences, organizational retreats, workshops or group activities. We provide an inspirational, comfortable country setting where your group can create, learn or grow. Delicious natural foods meals, relaxing bodywork, sauna, and hiking trails are available.

The Christine Center offers overnight accommodations for 40, with additional accommodations at nearby motels, which we will be pleased to arrange for you. Our community and staff provide the support needed to create a setting in which any group can be revitalized.

The spacious, dome-shaped multi-purpose Meeting/Meditation Room is the perfect setting for group activities and seminars where shared practice and experiential learning facilitate transformation. The large open space provides ample room for groups of 15 to 150 to gather in ease and comfort. Standard audiovisual equipment is available and includes VCR and monitor, flip chart, recording equipment/sound system and slide projector.

The Christine Center is the ideal setting for inspiring and invigorating the spirit of your group. Spiritual groups, businesses, retirees, hospitals, clinics, universities and colleges and any civic or community organization will find these tranquil and beautiful surroundings the perfect environment for: Retreats, Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, Lectures, Breakout groups, Roundtable discussions, Special training classes, Private interviews and Recreation.


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