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72 Baker Rd, Shutesbury, MA, USA, Massachusetts (MA), USA (US) 01072

The Sirius Community and Conference Center is based on the four pillars of spirituality, ecology, community, and education.  Located on 90 acres of quite woodlands, it host a number of timber framed buildings nestled into the forest.  The conference center was built by community members with wood harvested from the area and milled on site.  Similarly, Sirius has two green houses, that provide fresh organic greens year round.  Furthermore, we have 4 acres of land under agricultural production that are farmed according to permaculture principles.

The property hosts an abundance of quite walking trails.  The trails can take you by the labyrinth for a quiet, meditative walk.  While another path will take you to the stone circle, reminiscent of Stonehenge.  Maybe you would like to visit the retreat cabin built into the hill, on the back of the property.  Alternatively you can simply spend time sitting in one of our many gardens, enjoying the beauty of nature.  Be sure to take your meals in the green house and see where your food was grown.  Finally, don't forget to visit our wood fired sauna to de-stress and detox.

Our conference center host two meeting spaces:

  • The Octagon (2000 sq ft). The Octagon has been used for prayer and meditation retreats, dances, yoga, martial arts, coffeehouses, and lectures.  We provide a screen for projectors, or TV/Monitor for wireless mirroring or wired HDMI connection.
  • The Orchard room (500 sq ft).  The Orchard room is a more intimate space than the Octagon.  Additionally it hosts a tranquil sanctuary space upstairs that can be used for meditation and prayer.

The Sirius Community has rooms for over 27 overnight guests.  Additionally we have ample camping platforms for guests that want to spend more time closer to nature. For more details about hosting an event at The Sirius Community and Conference Center visit our web page:  We look forward to speaking with you about hosting your event at Sirius.

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