The Tiny House of Happiness, PA

Listing Information
Overnight Guest Capacity: 3
Dining: fully equipped kitchen, restaurants close by
Environment: Urban
Spiritual Orientation: Open to All
Theme: Wellness
6336 Ardleigh Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Pennsylvania (PA), USA (US) 19138

The Tiny House of Happiness is a short-term tiny house rental that integrates minimalism, sustainable living, and the science of well-being to help people live more fulfilling and meaningful lives in thoughtful relationship to their stuff.

This self-guided retreat is located in a serene, shady area of the Farm at Awbury Arboretum, a 56-acre vibrant and historic botanical garden in Philadelphia’s Germantown and Mt. Airy neighborhoods. The Farm at Awbury provides a peaceful environment for guests to have a one-of-a-kind experience of staying in a comfortable and cozy 283 square-foot tiny house while providing them with the time, space, and resources to learn about, practice, and reflect on activities that promote a life of greater meaning and fulfillment.

Guests receive a copy of their workbook, The Workbook of Happiness, which includes a suggested schedule of readings, activities, and reflections prompts for guests to complete during their stay. The topics in the workbook include: Gratitude, Mindfulness Meditation, Physical Activity, Connecting with Nature, Minimalism, and Strengthening Relationships. Staying in the tiny house is just the first step of a larger journey of living the life you want to live. The last step in the workbook is to reflect on how you can integrate some of your key insights or highlight moments in the tiny house back into your daily life.

The Tiny House of Happiness was thoughtfully and intentionally designed to offer guests the experience of staying in a tiny house in a large metropolitan area while feeling like they’ve traveled away from the hustle and bustle of the city and retreated into nature. The space is small enough to give guests the full tiny house experience, yet is spacious enough for guests to spread out on the couch with a book and a cup of tea, enjoy a small dinner with close family and friends, and even practice yoga. While The Tiny House of Happiness hopes guests enjoy their time in the tiny house, their biggest hope is that guests foster a deeper sense of connection to themselves, others, and the natural world during their stay!

Read more about how The Tiny House of Happiness came into being here.

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