The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality, Charleston, WV

The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality, Charleston, WV
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Phone: 304.345.0926
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1601 Virginia Street East, Charleston, West Virginia, United States, West Virginia (WV), USA (US)

The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality is dedicated to providing space and opportunities for deepening mindfulness, prayer practice, interior peace, and for integrating moral and ethical values.
We warmly extend to you an invitation to join us in a safe, nurturing atmosphere of quiet where you can come and be companioned on your spiritual journey with dedicated Spiritual Directors.

The Ardath S. Francke Hermitage, a quiet hermitage, is available for use by the hour or by the day.The Ardath S. Francke hermitage is a welcome addition to The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality located at 1601 Virginia Street, near the banks of the Kanawha River and in the shadow of the State Capitol. Come to the hermitage. Come to the quiet.

We host many retreats, spiritual exercises, workshops, group spiritual direction events and programs: Themes include: Menuha Retreat, Almost Heaven Summer Retreat, Time Out for Single Moms and Kids First, Theology of Formation Retreats and more.
"The spiritual recesses of hearts in spoken word reflect the Word Who came to be among us and remains with us. The Holy Spirit of the Living God is closer to us than breath. In every cell of every creature lives a spark of the Creator, Who is Love. Let us share our thoughts through breath and word. Let God be God within and among us. We will celebrate the truth of God's Presence, alive, and well." - Anne Cappelletti.


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