True Life Coach Victoria FittsMilgrim, Durango, CO

True Life Coach Victoria FittsMilgrim, Durango, CO
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Phone: (970) 903-0803
Durango, CO, Colorado (CO), USA (US)

TRUE LIFE COACHING is based on the belief that each of us is creative, resourceful and whole, and that we have all of our answers within. Together we unveil your dreams and visions, clarify your life purpose, and create an alliance with individualized attention that allows you to experience fulfillment in the present moment, regardless of your circumstances.

Coaching addresses the whole person with an emphasis on action and uncovering learning that can lead to more self-knowledge and greater balance. Balance is about making conscious choices…saying “yes” to some things and “no” to others. Discovering new perspectives can create powerful awareness and shifts in your life. Coaching is a designed alliance of two equals and you are in control of the relationship and of the changes you make. What’s possible when your Coach is behind you 100%, 100% of the time?

The first outcome is deep learning about, and an appreciation for, yourself. From that learning, then comes the internal motivation to take authentic action for making real change. Together we discover your process and the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface. Together we discover what it means to live a True Life!

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