Greene Family Camp, Bruceville, TX

Greene Family Camp, Bruceville, TX
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Phone: 877-364-2323
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Meeting Space Capacity: 448
Overnight Guest Capacity: 500
Dining: 2 dining rooms
1192 Smith Lane Bruceville, TX, Texas (TX), USA (US) 76630

Greene Family Camp, located in Central Texas, offers year-round conference and retreat center facilities at an affordable price. For over 30 years GFC has been hosting a variety of groups including religious groups, sport teams, universities and youth programs.

With over 168-acres, GFC provides groups with a natural and peaceful environment. The staff is dedicated to the success of every group and will make each experience unique. Green was built to build community and help groups connect.

Away from noisy and bright distractions, the camp atmosphere allows participants a special opportunity to live, work and eat together.

Housing Facilities: Private, Semi-Private, and Group accommodations for up to 500 people

  • Faculty Center - Capacity: 48. The Faculty Center has twenty-four private rooms, each with private bath and two twin beds
  • Health House - Capacity: 28 The Health House has fourteen bedrooms, each with private bath and two twin beds.
  • Semi Private Accomnodations: Cabins F,G,H,I (Staff Cabins) - Capacity: 8 per building.
    Cabin J Family Cabin - Capacity: 24. Each room has two twin beds, a nightstand and a dresser.
  • Group Accomodations: Capacity: 28 per building. Each building is divided into two rooms, connected by a bathroom equipped with 4 showers and 4 toilets. Each room sleeps 14 people on bunk beds and is equipped with closet units

Dining Rooms:
One of our newest additions near the main entrance of the camp, the Service Center actually contains two separate dining rooms. They are comfortably climate controlled with full A/C, heat, and ceiling fans. The optional-use serving area separates the new state-of-the-art kitchen from the dining rooms. The main dining room comfortably seats 600 people. The smaller of the two rooms, the Staff Lounge, can seat 150 people for meals.

Meeting Spaces:

  • The GFC Theater accommodates 600 people seated on the floor or approximately 400 people seated on stacking chairs. It boasts a fully-equipped proscenium thrust stage with main drape, border, and cyclorama curtains. Lighting available includes 24 dimmer circuits controlled from a programmable panel and a follow spot. A sound-reinforcement system is also available.
  • Breakout Rooms: There are four breakout rooms in the Activities Center. The largest of the four is carpeted. One of the rooms contains a full kitchen. These rooms can hold approximately 40 people theater-style.
  • The Fireplace Lounge located in the Faculty Center, is perfect for lectures, meetings and small social gatherings. The room is equipped with a full kitchen and can hold approximately 50 - 60 people in chairs, more if people are seated on the floor.
  • The Courtyard: As all-purpose activity rooms, the Recreation Halls 1 & 2 can accommodate a maximum of 360-400 people sitting on chairs, and more if they are sitting on the floor. It has black-out curtains for daytime presentations and movies.
  • The Arts and Crafts Workshop has workspace for various activities. It is equipped with a kiln, a potters wheel, work tables, tools, a sink, and an oven/range. You must provide your own supplies.
  • Library: This room is perfect as a small breakout room or an office for visiting groups.
  • Service Center: The service center is one of GFC’s newest additions, located near the main entrance. The larger dining room is equipped with a lighted stage, premium stereo sound system, stacking chairs and folding banquet tables – perfect for meetings, programs, or dinner! The smaller dining area also serves as GFC’s Staff Lounge.
    Directly across from the Dining Rooms are two conference rooms. They can also be used by groups as office space, equipped with telephones and computers.
  • Outdoor Chapel: The Chapel is an outdoor amphitheater with seating for up to 500 on benches and a partially-covered stage area. Both the audience and stage area may be lit for evening use.
  • Meeting Pagoda: resembles a "band-stand." Approximately 30-50 people can sit on the benches provided around its perimeter. The Pagoda has ceiling fans and lights. The area surrounding the pagoda can be lit for evening use.
  • Campfire Site: Located near the Camp’s front gate, the campfire site provides seating around the fire area for up to 200 people.


  • Brand new Sportsplex, built in 2010
  • Indoor gymnasium and all-purpose recreation halls
  • Two swimming pools, and a lake for fishing, canoeing and kayaking
  • Arts & Crafts workspace
  • Low and High element s Challenge Course, including a zip line and alpine tower
  • Tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, softball and soccer fields


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