Joan E. Pedersen

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933-D Russell Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD, Maryland (MD), USA (US) 20879

At the Center for Renewal, I focus on wellness, not pathology. I approach psychotherapy and grief counseling h0listically: the healing integration of mind, body and spirit. Through respectful feedback,
teamwork and support, you will learn to better understand and resolve personal conflicts and struggles, as you nurture more meaningful, hopeful lives and healthy relationships.

Are you frustrated with yourself for not being the person you once were or wish you can be?

Do you feel that real happiness in your relationships, professional and personal life continues to elude you?

I believe that each of us has a calling to engage in the world rooted in integrity, authenticity, and whole-heartedness.

In a welcoming, safe, and non-judging setting, our therapeutic work fosters hope, encourages you to envision a life of possibilities, and develop a greater ability to face the challenges of daily life rather than feel defeated by them.


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